Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a few more tidbits...

I thought Madgrappler's comments worthy of repeating/reposting...  found here originally...

"What kind of culture does Team Lloyd Irvin have that two men who left
an unconscious and injured girl in a parking garage after having their
way with her repeatedly come back to the "fighter house" full of Team
Lloyd Irvin "medal chasers" and brag about it, showing cell phone
video to at least one student? And no one reported anything or
checked on the girl?

The details of Lloyd's own case are horrific. They are detailed in
reports of the trials available on the internet from the time it
happened. The simple facts are everyone else involved went to prison
for the gang rape of a 17 year old girl, 3 or 4 separate juries were
beyond reasonable doubt to convict for rape, but Lloyd was spared
that fate because he said he could not penetrate her due to momentary
impotence and the jury did not feel it could be 100% sure she could
positively identify him due to the fact she was being held down and
forcibly orally sodomized at the time. When they asked the judge if
there was a lesser charge he could be convicted of the judge said no.
It appears, from his own defense, that he got off on a technicality
despite his own admitted intent to participate.

When this information was uncovered Lloyd didn't make a statement
saying: I'm very sorry for my past actions, he tried to bury it with
SEO tactics and his high level blackbelts started victim blaming,
calling the victim of that rape a "dirty whore" who "had a train run
on her" and "got to feeling guilty." That was Phil Proctor. When the
highest profile TLI student in BJJ, Keenan Cornelius's sister asked
him about it on facebook, Marcus Avellan attacked her and Keenan's
father, calling them ungrateful and unethical.

Then more connections with sexual misdeeds and those that commit them
came to light. Lloyd's Sombo coach was convicted in 2005 of raping
his adopted sons.

Something is deeply wrong in Lloyd Irvin's team. Lloyd himself has
shown the opposite of the philosophy of Brazilian jiu jitsu and the
martial arts, principles of responsibility, honor, respect, honesty,
and responsible use of power.

That's not hatred. That's calling someone to account for their own self-inflicted damage."


Anonymous said...

While I was shocked and disgusted by the information that came to light regarding Irvin's involvement in the 1989 incident, and I'm disappointed by much of his recent open letter of "explanation", I don't believe it's productive or fair to accuse him of guilt by association to his sambo coach.

Also, what happened on NYE when the two rapists returned home is purely a matter of speculation to most of us. While one can imagine a scenario in which housemates gathered around and laughed about the rape, it's much more likely that the two just bragged about having consensual sex without mentioning that it was actually forced and that they left her lying helplessly on the the concrete floor.

As outraged as many of us are about Irvin, I think we should rein in some of the conjecture. It merely detracts from the legitimate points of contention that are on the table.


Georgette said...

Not a matter of conjection, as one of the housemates and his sister have reported that this cell phone footage was shown at the house.
Now as for his sambo coach, it's just interesting as far as the concept of rape culture goes. Granted, we all might have rapists in the woodpile.... our maybe not...

Anonymous said...

I haven't been following this story because it's just more bad news and I'm bad-newsed out.

I can't believe someone would go out into public and say that the woman was a dirty whore and that she had a train run on her! How pathetic as a human being can you get?

TLI is beyond seriously damaged. In the letter you linked from Ryan Hall he referred to the gym as a cult. I'm beginning to see that he was spot-on. Lloyd Irvin used to be a name respected in the BJJ community. He and his team have dragged enough mud on that name now I'll be surprised if they are ever not hated.