Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Too much rain.

Actually, since we never get rain and have had a drought for two years, the title's not quite accurate... but last night there was just too much rain for me to even go watch class.  I was still coughing up junk, and we don't have a heated academy, so with the temps around 50 and all the rain steadily coming down, I decided the last thing I needed was to get sicker.

Today I receive my first two doses of a medication called Humira which suppresses a part of my haywire immune system.  I'm excited to get started on that, it brings me one step closer to the embryo transfer we hope for this spring sometime.  The medication is very expensive and not covered by insurance ($2500 for two shots, and I might need four!)  I don't think it will affect anything as far as training goes though.  I just hope this cold goes away soon because I want to start training again.  At least I made it into the regular gym yesterday, and dumb as this sounds-- I was very proud I made it through the whole class doing every exercise.  It's dumb because way back when, when I was training 2-3x a day, the noon class at the gym was just me barely breaking a sweat, just to keep burning calories and staying active.  Now I really wonder if turning 40 made that much of a difference-- because I feel like an old slouch!  But I do tell myself, it's just that you haven't been training much at all in a year, and you've been on all kinds of meds with serious effects on your body, several surgeries... so just give yourself some grace!

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