Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Watch This Wednesday: the Barry Sanders open guard pass.

As always I can procrastinate any number of ways.  I really should be working on my guard, which is quite mediocre.  And I try, I do... I start rolls in the guard.  But the funny thing is... for me, guard doesn't feel like a place where I can submit people.  Guard is the place I want to get out of by sweeping them, so I can get on top and be in my happy place.

Short stubby legs and not great grips, you see.  So yeah, if I can get a triangle locked, you are mine.  And I will go for armbars and omoplatas a fair amount of the time.  But collar chokes... pah.  So yeah, guard is my let's-get-out-of-here place.

AAAAnnnnnddd.... that means that my dessert, the donuts of my grappling, is guard passing.  I love practicing passing the guard.  I love it!  LOVE.

Hence my adoration of BJJScout who breaks down so much passing and guard play.

AND my adoration of Keebler, the brilliant brownbelt Humaita leader in Cleveland.

Check out this short, dirty, sexy breakdown of a devastating pass.


Stephen Kim said...

Yeah, I've got stubby leg syndrome too. I also almost never submit directly out of guard. Part of it is that I get such a satisfaction from pulling off a nice big sweep. Oh man, the best is getting a nice high wing sweep on someone...

Stephen Kim said...

I love sweeping out of guard too, almost never go for submissions. It's so satisfying to get a nice big sweep. I think that's why judo came about, people love seeing someone get dumped on their butt. Like a cross collar choke from closed guard does not look cool at all, but nice high wing sweep? Fuggetaboutit.