Friday, January 24, 2014

Discount codes for my readers....

Two great suppliers, one BJJ-specific and one more general martial arts/muay thai/MMA oriented, have offered some discounts for readers of my blog...

The first is Ok! Kimonos.  Started by my friend Brendan Hufford, it focuses on kids' gis and gear (though they have adults' as well, plus some seriously badass spats and rashies, designed by Meerkatsu, and cool tshirts too.)  Brendan also runs a kids' gi exchange program (when your kid outgrows theirs, send it back in gently used condition, and you'll get 20% off a new gi.  Plus your old gi goes to a program in the favelas of Rio to support underprivileged youth training BJJ.)  And all gi orders get free shipping!  The discount code is "RedMenace" and you'll get 10% off.

The second is

Martial Arts Supplies

My friend, Patrick Williams, created the coupon code "Georgette" for a 10% discount on everything except the shipping-- which is free if your order is $60 or more.  When you’re training you may need mouthguards, gloves, handwraps, headgear, knee andelbow pads, and shin guards.  You can get all of the right gear at and save some money too.    

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