Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nick Schultz thrown out of BJJ tournament

The World Grappling Circuit held a BJJ tournament in Houston on Saturday.  This promoter is one of the most well known and highly regarded in the Texas-Colorado area.  They innovate, recently making two referees per match a standard as well as making a challenge mat available (with refs and scorer) if you didn't get enough or you want to take on a friend.

Well, now there's another reason to have great respect for owners Brett Boyce and Seth Daniels, as well as local blackbelt and respected coach Alvis Solis:  They booted Nick Schultz.

Here, in Alvis' words:

" So, I was coaching one of my guys and thought I saw Nick out of the corner of my eye across the mats. I finished with my guy and looked in that direction..didn't see I walked in that direction, and saw that he was trying to hide behind this guy.

So as I was walking towards him, he was talking to (...), so I walked right up to Nick and asked what the f--- he was doing here? I told him you don't belong here and that no one wanted him here..he said I didn't do anything, I said both you and I know that's a lie..and (...) pulled him away.

I then ran into Seth, he talked to Brett and they got this huge guy to escort Nick out..Nick argued the whole time that he didn't do anything..Afterwards, talking to Seth, I found out that Nick had asked Seth if he could compete, Seth said no, and that he shouldn't show up either..Nick didn't respect that...oh, and I have gotten a lot of favorable responses from people, but also some that feel I should leave Nick be."

That's Alvis' report, and according to a friend who was table ref at a mat nearby, Nick was in attendance "coaching" for Paul Thomas aka Judo Paul, who I've written about here previously.  In fact, last time I worked this tournament in November, Paul swore up and down he'd never let Nick back in his academy.

EDITED TO ADD: as of Monday, this is what Paul Thomas had to say...

"Why are you dragging my name through the mud again? I had no competitors at the tournament... Nick is training with Draculino. Why don't you just call Nick or Draculino?"

I asked Paul if he was there and if Nick was affiliated with his school and he said he (Paul) wasn't there and Nick was not affiliated with his school. I asked Paul why would Nick say he was affiliated with Paul, to which he replied: " I coached Seth when he was a kid. Maybe he thought he could get in good with him."

I'm on the east coast attending a family funeral, or I'd have been there to see it myself.  As it is, I'm told Nick insisted he will be competing at the IBJJF Houston Open next month.

Please let the IBJJF and your local tournament promoters know how you feel about the kinds of people attending, competing, coaching in our community.  Speak up and let World Grappling Circuit (Brett and Seth) know you support their decision.

Thanks :-)


SavageKitsune said...

Hope the door hit him in the butt on the way out.

It's horrifying to imagine a person of this moral caliber acting as a coach of ANYTHING to ANYBODY. A coach is supposed to be a role model.

On the upside, it looks like Paul Thomas has removed Schultz' name as a marketing point on his school's page. I had been wondering if he was ever going to actually do that.

Peter B. said...

Good on Seth. I have not been in the Colorado area long but thus far I have really enjoyed the amount of stand up coaches, competitors, and refs.

JiuJiu said...

It's good to know that groups are actively supporting some standards even if other, larger groups are silent on the matter.