Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mateo in NYC

How many of us ladies have hung out with an "alleged" rapist (perhaps someone who was acquitted? or who was never formally charged?) and not known it?


The truth be told said...

Stop emarassing yourself.

Georgette said...

well played, sir....

Unknown said...

Lmao. Damn u r just one bored ass human being. First off all of those girls supported mateo from the beginning they know what the truth is and not what you have been wishing the truth was. You guaranteed a guilty verdict and u were dead wrong you were wrong about them taking it to trial you were wrong about the amount of jurors and their ethnicity and you haven't even seen a video or transcripts from the case. But yet you continue to talk shit on this blog. Grow up. How bout letting people know that as a prosecutor you have been in held in contempt of court and you have done shady shit such as holding Brady evidence away from the defendant. You are a crooked human being. You nakapan Aaron France who is eiher blind or retarded all of you are a bunch of Lloyd Irvin haters that r embarrassed that what u bought from that whore is not what really happened. For the record you are an idiot. And as u can see Mateo and nick r both free and Matthew can go to any state and become a police officer or federal officer. So stfu and get a grip. Not guilty bitch sorry things didnt go ur way

Georgette said...

1. Nope, never held in contempt of court.

2. Nope, never "holding" Brady evidence away from the defendant.

I welcome any attempts to prove these accusations though!

You might consider some remedial English classes at a local community college.

Unknown said...

And you should take a remedial course in common fucking sense. Oh let's see. Video evidence not one,3 different videos of !?!?!? Definitely not a rape. Bottom line is you have not seen the video and have not been privy to anything other than hearsay from a bunch of Lloyd Irvin haters. All because big old bad prosecutor georgette is upset that two young men who were accused are actually not guilty. Helloooooo there was video. Bending over on all fours with a cell phone in ur hand is not rape. If half of what u said was actually on video was true then Matthew and nick undoubtedly would have deserved to go to jail. I didn't see u once at the courthouse. I was looking forward to seeing your face and smiling in it when the verdict was read. I saw nakapan his wife and Aaron France who was there for maybe two hours total. And then he took to Facebook to talk shit so he could support nakapan. And he lied lied lied And like I said from the beginning over a yr ago. I told you he would be found not guilty and that it was all bullshit. I told you about what was really on the video and u chose not to post it. Well guess what ?!? U look pretty fucking stupid. Its obvious you are just a self loathing miserable human being who wastes there time and other people's time just so people can know who you are. Well congratulations. You have made a name for yourself. The idiot blogger georgette who doesn't know what the fuck she is talking about. Congratulations. Keep posting your bs about Mateo and nick because as you can see they are both living and ENJOYiNG their lives. While u continue to be STRONG and WRONG. Kudos to u

Unknown said...

Community college? He needs to finish junior high first.

Oh, and I'm sure the FBI would love for one of them to apply. I could imagine how the lie detector and psych exam would go...although it wouldn't even get that far.

Stephen Kim said...


It sounds like you have some inside information with regards to what happened. It's pretty clear that there have been certain facts alleged that make the defendants seem guilty despite the court ruling.

I wouldn't ask you to post anything harmful to the alleged victim (and i'm pretty sure georgette wouldn't put it up), but I'm curious as to why the defendants left the girl half naked in the cold in a parking lot.

I've read up on this topic somewhat and I can understand how the actual video might have not been the smoking gun people made it out to be, but I've never heard any explanation on why they left her like that.

I'm genuinely asking without trying to pass judgment at this point. I hope I see a response from you.

Bix said...

"Matthew can go to any state and become a police officer or federal officer."

That's...suspiciously specific.

I'm pretty sure I saw Madonado on the E train a few day after the verdict. It was odd.