Friday, April 24, 2015

Norman, OK Jiu Jitsu coach charged with attempted rape, lewd acts

Looks like another one.... Cleon Quentin Self, 38, of Moore, was charged Friday in Cleveland County District Court with attempted rape, forcible sodomy and two counts of lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16. The arrest affidavit containing the details of the allegations appears to be unavailable online due to the age of the victim.

The victim is one of Self's students, a fourteen year old girl. He is the instructor at Edge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Norman Oklahoma. It seems their website is down.

Self was a coach for Sandro Sampaio, a Carlson Gracie BB, and helped with the children's class there, according to contemporaneous Facebook posts. According to Tracy Sampaio, Self was asked to leave because of complaints by other female students.... "The Adult female students said Cleon Self had contacted them Via Facebook soliciting sex and offering private BJJ lessons at his home.  Sandro has a zero tolerance policy and Cleon was banned immediately. "

Here he is fighting Mark Francescutti of BQuick Jiu Jitsu, in 2012 in Dallas. Self is in the white rashguard.

Here's a link to his lengthy court record... in 2013, he was convicted of criminal control and resisting arrest during a situation in which his intoxication appeared to endanger an infant in his car.

I cover Self's history more fully in my article about him on Bullshido.

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