Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rashguard review: Detales longsleeve ranked rashie

This is the second rashie I've reviewed for Detales (my other posts about their gear can be found here and here.) Once again they hit it out of the park for comfort, fit, and workmanship, with one hardly noticeable bobble on the tag which will be fixed by the manufacturer on the following batches.  Let's dive in...

This is a long sleeve, ranked rashguard that meets IBJJF requirements for nogi grappling wear (your belt color must appear on 50% of the rashie surface, according to rule 8.1.14 here.)  

Like Detales' other rashguard (made in the United States for, and designed by, women who train) it fits a female form very well-- not so tight around the bottom hem that it rides up from hip-height to the waist. It stays where I want it, covering the muffin. The neckline is what I'd call a relaxed crew neck, it doesn't bug you because it's tight around your throat and it's easy to pop your head through even if you have a thick braid or ponytail.  The sleeves are raglan so this will fit comfortably whether you have broad muscular shoulders or narrower ones, and it won't dig into your underarms.

I like the graphic design. The fabric is a hair thicker than a basic underarmor rashie, but very smooth and light feeling.  It doesn't snag either with rough fingernail edges or in the wash, even when I washed it with a zipup fleece that I left unzipped.

You can't feel the seams inside, because of the interlock stitching.


In an abundance of caution, I got a large-- I'm 5'2, 140ish, 36C, and been hitting the comfort eating too much.  I also have broader shoulders and bigger biceps, so I lean towards getting a larger rashguard than a smaller one.  The sleeves and torso length and width would be fine on a taller or heavier lady; I feel like I could have done a medium and will, on my next order.  (This one was free for the review, in all fairness, but I totally would spend the money on it myself.)

I wash in warm and dry on hot with all my other training gear and have not seen any shrinking, pilling, fading or other problems, though it's only been about ten days.

The only imperfection I could find after training once or twice a day in this for a week straight is that the (very soft, comfortable) label inside the neck was starting to peel up.  (Detales tells me this is being fixed by the manufacturer for the next run of rashguards.) This was not a problem for me, since... I don't care about the label.  I tugged on it a good bit to see if I could peel it off all the way, but no. And I don't want to accidentally rip it, so I'll just let it fall off in its own time.

The label is made of stretchy very soft material so I don't notice it at all, even sticking up.

The short sleeve rashie is solid black, for $36.  The ranked rashies are available in blue, purple, and  brown for $56, and they're out of the white ones at the moment (but taking preorders.)  You can buy one on the Detales website right here, and I highly recommend it :)

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