Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aloha Aloha

Just got back from an office party-- Aloha Aloha, to say goodbye to our summer clerk and to say hello to a new attorney-- and the food was fantastic! I don't feel too bad about actually eating some either, because I was exhausted after racquetball yesterday, and I'm going to be exhausted again tonight after another match with Antonio. So I ate several tortilla rollups (with ham, pineapple, honey, green onion and cream cheese) and some teriyaki chicken with a spicy mango salsa, and a chunk of pina colada cake, and fruit salad (pineapple, orange, kiwi and banana).

My muscles are not recovering fully from my exertions, I can tell, and I'm glad to take a rest over the weekend. I'm pushing myself pretty hard, I think, but I feel a healthy measure of pride in my accomplishments. Maybe not "couch potato to 5k in two months" as I'd hoped, but definitely a change from zero physical activity most days to 1-3 hrs of it most days.

We will have a houseful of guests this weekend as 3 more salseros from Houston are joining us now. I am looking forward to the dancing this weekend, but oddly enough I'm not at all crazy about tubing down the river. Last time it was okay, but I got cold about halfway through, and the drunks were annoying as heck. Why spend the time and money is kind of my position. I'll wait and see-- if Mitch really wants to go and be social, I'll follow along, but I'm not the motivator for this adventure.

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