Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yay South Beach!

I am happy to report that in the two days I've been on the South Beach diet, I have lost 4 lbs! Yes, yes, yes, I *know* it's just water weight. But I'm happy anyway. As Heather just put it, 4 lbs of water weight still isn't comfortable to carry around.

I did finally get my rear out of bed this morning and go walking. Not running, mind you... the glow of that activity has faded in my memory. Like beating your head against a wall, it feels great when you stop (and the next time you consider the wall, you wonder, why would I even start beating again?) But a nice 3 mile walk, in the fresh COOL morning air (it was 74!) does feel good, and I had Mitch's MP3 player with a "book on tape" to listen to. I'm listening to "Belgarath the Sorcerer" by David and Leigh Eddings-- a flashback to my high school reading tastes! And then this afternoon I'll play racquetball for 2 hours, so that will help.

Sadly, I had to delete all the photos of Heather's darling baby Hannah from the blog this morning. I received a "concerned" email from her father James. Apparently I am a dunce when it comes to blog etiquette because I didn't ask permission to put her pictures up for the public. (Though I think from the dearth of comments, etc on this blog that really only 6 people besides myself even read it-- my aunt and uncle in Virginia, Kaan and Jana, and Shelley and Janet. So, sorry guys, hope you saw Hannah before she was censored.)

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