Thursday, August 10, 2006

Movin' right along..

What a great birthday! My running buddy brought me a card and a chocolate brownie powerbar (lol-- I must talk about brownies a lot. It was pretty tasty to my delight). My friend Amanda surprised me at work with flowers (including irises, her favorite, and stock, my favorite) and a card, and my godmother sent me flowers too! I played racquetball for 2 hours and went to Mitch's house, where I was surprised with some lovely silver earrings and Godiva chocolate truffles! Dinner at the Treehouse was good, too... I splurged and ate good French bread with olive oil and garlic, cheese tortellini, a big salad and a yummy glass of valpolicella.

I must have been pretty pooped that night though, because I slept through my alarm and missed running. Made up for it by playing racquetball with Ben, our last game before he heads to Boston on Saturday, last night. Afterwards Mitch and I did our 2-for-1 burgers night at Hut's. I did run this morning though, and it felt great! I am running for longer and longer each time. Today was Alan's birthday so I brought him a card; he's running the Moonlight Margarita 5k tonight so not sure he'll want to run tomorrow morning.

This is a picture of me at the lake earlier this summer, taken by one of the student interns in my office.

Just found out my friend Julie is having neck surgery on Friday! Two herniated discs and they'll have to resect some bone from her hip into her neck, fuse two vertebra, etc etc. UGH! She wants to come to my happy hour tonight but I hope she just takes it easy at home.

So anyway, today I have a podiatrist appointment to check up on my toes. I lost both second-toe nails, and this morning the blood-blistered one lost the blood-blister part (basically like a scab.. no pain, no mess.) My toes look pretty ugly esp. because I cut all the nails really short and they're unpainted, unpolished, unloved. I think he's also going to recommend I have orthotic inserts made to counteract my pronation. I just want to continue being comfortable with all my new physical exercise, yet still be able to wear flipflops every day to work (smile). After the appointment I have happy hour at the Dog & Duck to catch up with friends... then tomorrow is the dedication ceremony for Drew Lippolt's tree at Austin High, and salsa lessons afterwards (my boss and her husband are going to come out so no pressure!)

So that's the report for now.

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