Monday, September 01, 2008

BJJ Tour of SF, part 3 of 3...

I'm kind of pooped right now, but wanted to say I had the BEST time in SF. My final day of jits started at 9am with a private at the Ralph Gracie school in Berkeley-- Eduardo Fraga is a great instructor. Then his group class wore me out, in a good way, and I especially enjoyed rolling with one of his white belts who was just fantastic. I wished I could have put that guy (can't recall his name right now!) in my pocket and taken him home.

Then we scooted over to Oakland for my private with Stephan Goyne. Man, he is a great teacher. I am so fortunate to have Michael W. as my friend and BJJ tour guide, and perhaps I will come back to SF to have another long weekend of training some time. I did get to spend a fair bit of time walking around the city with another tour guide, Elia, one of Denny's students. That was probably the highlight of my trip.

Thanks, guys.

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