Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rolling Tuesday, part 2...

I took my last class for a while from Tony, and he showed me a pillow choke from side control.

Then I went to the Gracie school. Phil recognized me and welcomed me back. Fortunately I missed the warmup, haha; jumped right into an armbar from guard.
A sweep from armbar.

I drilled that back and forth with Shama, a purple belt girl!! wow! and then we talked a bit about competing. Then Phil demonstrated the scissor sweep and we worked on that a bit.

Learned two simple chokes: the ordinary double lapel choke, and a forearm choke that is super easy.

Then I was paired up with Ahmed (?), a white belt, and a blue belt whose name I can't recall, to do an elevator sweep.

Following that, I went in to the ladies' class, taught by Christy the brown belt (again, wow! a brown belt woman!) What a wonderful experience. I can't wait to roll on a regular basis with other women! They're smaller and lighter and I finally feel like some of the techniques I am trying to learn can be put to use.

Anyway, learned a guard pass.

Also learned that when on the bottom in side control, never give them your arm by pushing on them unless you're super fast, or you give them the Americana.

A new one for me, the dump pass.

I had to leave the ladies' class early, but I look forward to next Tues. Everyone was very supportive of my goal to be in this upcoming tournament. Amber, another white belt who's done this about 4 months, recognized me from salsa at Copa, and I'm hoping to find some chicks at my level to spar with before then. Also, planning on taking a private with Christy.


roxxen said...

Christy is awesome, and you will have the opportunity to learn a lot from her.

Good luck!

sandman said...


I got turned on to you by a friend of mine that I brought into the BJJ world. She thinks that you're awesome and I'm really enjoying reading about your progression that so many of us have gone through. I'm a sleep tech, so I have time to think, read, and practice once my patient's are on cruise control. I've covered your blog up to this point. I'm going to break for tonight, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you're alright. Good luck!