Friday, September 19, 2008

Rolling Thursday

Yesterday after my usual class at the gym, Chris and I did about an hour of no-gi and I had a great time. I did manage to tap him, though I am certain he let me. It was an armbar from mount. Otherwise, he spent the hour neatly foiling all my other submission attempts, letting me work on my body-triangle defenses, letting me practice my pathetic attempts at armbars from guard, and (small victory here) not being able to quite get any chokes or neck cranks on me.

I escaped his omoplata pretty well the last time we'd rolled, but this time, he held onto my hips and I couldn't somersault out of it. In my attempts to wraggle free, I posted out on my other arm, and he did some nifty thing behind my back that turned it into a kimura. He demonstrated for me, but I can't visualize it, so that's my latest curiosity.

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