Saturday, January 31, 2009

My green jiu jitsu gi has arrived!

I think my good friend and sponsor Mark up in Madison WI must have seen my post about the fabulous green dress on Christina Applegate... because last night the big brown UPS truck brought me a gorgeous kelly-green gi! I didn't think to take a picture of it before tossing it in the washer with vinegar, but I will have some photos this afternoon from class. I am so excited-- Badgerland Jiu Jitsu is the only source I know of for green gis (not the Army green of the Koral, but a true emerald) and they're going to have yellow now too. Check them out here and tell Mark you read about it here.

That is, assuming I get enough chores done around the house that my hubby will let me go... I don't usually have class on Saturdays so I need to do a little negotiating :)

Also, just read an article by Conan about ladies getting into jiu jitsu... read it here on The Jiu Jitsu Fighter, up in chilly Nebraska. (Boy, when I complain about the school being cold at 6am, I am sure it's not nearly as bad as up there.)


Elyse said...

Kelly green? I'm so jealous! Kelly green is my absolute favorite color too.... and I think I've told you that before :D
I'll have to find one for myself and then we can photoshop ourselves into the same picture for St. Patty's day... not that I'm Irish, but I lived in Boston so I think that counts !

Dan said...

I find it amazingly ironic that your buddy at Badgerland has links for American MMA Gear on his site. That company is run by one of the guys I trained with back home in Minnesota before I moved out to Seattle. Looking forward to the green gi pics