Monday, January 05, 2009


Start thinking about your resolutions, at the end of this post there's a question!

So I'm back on the mats and loving being in training again.

I did get to roll Sunday and today... Sunday had a great roll with my training partner Leila. She really is the best partner I can imagine.. similar experience level, same size, but usually seems to have better strength, flexibility, creativity, aggressiveness, determination, and non-sissiness. She's super tough and I struggle every time. Then today I rolled with Robert at Castle Hill. Frustrating and I'm not sure productive. Well, it was great for cardio, but seriously, it's like moving a mountain. And while I do eventually pass the guard, escape half guard, get side, get mount-- I always end up going for an americana (fail!) or a pillow choke (fail!) or a hell choke (fail!) or an ezequiel (fail!) and it sucks.

OK-- question time.

What are YOUR new year's resolutions? Life in general, or jits, or whatever?

Mine, by category...

Home/Family: To love my husband with all my heart, mind and soul... to put his emotional, spiritual and mental growth on the same priority level as my own.... to put more effort into the time we spend together so that it's really quality time (even when it's less time, because of jits). To put a little effort into the garden every month and not let it be a wilderness (because of jits). To stay in touch with my far-flung family members more by calling at least once a month.

Work: To write one scholarly piece dealing with some aspect of the law. (Not necessarily have it published, but that would be nice.) Keep my desk more organized. Branch out a little from MR cases.

Community: Take a refresher course for my volunteer work and commit to two nights a month.

Jits: Takedowns, gi and no-gi. Fighting from the guard. Triangles.

So go on... share your hopes and plans for this upcoming year.


slideyfoot said...

Pretty straightforward: find a new job, work out how to fit the PhD around it, then aim to train at GB Birmingham once I move up to the Midlands permanently.

Technique-wise, still working on escapes, but time to concentrate some more on guard passes too.

Steve said...

2009 Jits goals: escapes and hammer the fundamentals. By this time next year, I'd like to be comfortable returning to guard or reversing any position.