Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gi weight comparison

Found this on the internet and thought it would be useful to post, and to add on... please comment with the name/style of your gi (Atama Mundial #7, Kikskin Comp etc), the weave (gold, single, double etc) and the size, then the weight in pounds.

This (original) list comes from this forum. Also, elsewhere on my blog are my own gis with weights... here.

"Here are the weights of some of my Gi's (A2 for Jiu Jitsu and 175cm for Judo)

Keiko Raca-2.3kg,5.06 POUND

Faixa Rua Classico A2- 1.6 kilo/3.52 POUND

Atama gold weave-2.1kg,4.62 POUND

Fighting Films Master Judo Gi-2.6kg,5.72 POUND

Koral MKM comp- 2kg,4.40 POUND

Koral classic- 1.9kg,4.18 POUND

Mizuno Supreme Judo Gi- 2.4kg,5.28 POUND

Vulkan Pro Lite A2 - 1.62,3.8 POUND"


clinzy said...

A1 Koral super light gi weighs 2.8 lbs with no patches on it.

A0 Vulcan weighs 3.0 lbs with a few patches.

A0 top/A1 pants Koral weighs 4.0 lbs with a few patches

Dev said...

A2 Shoyoroll Superlite 3.5 lbs

A2 Koral Mundial edition 3.8 lbs

A2 Shoyoroll Blackstar 4.5 lbs