Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seoi nage.

I was able to work my seoi nage entries tonight in competition class and it was a delight. I like the seoi nage because it seems like it would be so hard, but it ends up being so easy if you have the setup right; it helps that my hips are pretty much always underneath my opponents'-- thanks God!

And it totally takes the person off balance-- one minute they're facing you, feet on the ground, feeling like they have the world by the tail (or at least you by the gi); the next minute, they're jerked up and forward and you're disappearing underneath them and their feet are skywards and wham, they're on the mat.

[This is the ideal, which I cannot yet accomplish without considerable kindness from my uke. -Ed.]

I know I'm a long way off from landing this against a resistant opponent, but it was fun to play with, and even easier when we did the walking version.

Alas, I popped something in my thumb, which is now swollen and red like a plum, and I tweaked my wrist doing a mount choke. The jaw Jordan abused was the unlucky recipient of my training partner's elbow umpteen times as she worked the same choke on me. Still, a satisfying day all in all.

And-- it rained. It stormed, actually, in the wee hours of the morning. It was almost five in the morning and I laid in bed, looking out the big arch of our second-story window into the branches of a large crepe myrtle, watching lightning flicker and listening to the rain, enjoying the cool wet breeze through the open glass.

I'm pretty lucky and definitely blessed.


Viro said...

Here are two videos on seoi nage training.

The first is easier to make happen, all you need is a rope and a tree. If I did this, I would try to construct a target/pad for the hip strikes.

I like the beginning exercise in second video a bit more, because it looks like it'd be good exercise. Check out their dojo though, woof, it looks like they're training on hard-wood floors!


Georgette said...

Both the same video?

But yeah-- at our school, we have a resistance band looped through the cage at the back, and I just aim my hip/derriere for the padded uprights.

Thanks for the comment-- please post the second link! :)

Viro said...

I'm sorry. Mongo had bad attention span; forgot second link.