Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Green Gi

Noooo, it's not what you think. Green, not the color, but the state of being environmentally friendly.

Here's the interview with creator Adrianne Adams, found here at

"Adrianne: My name is Adrianne Adams, and I’m the creator of the Green Gi.

Question: What is the Green Gi?

Answer: The Green Gi is an idea that I came up with several years ago, just sitting around training Jiu Jitsu. I wanted to create the super gi. Something that was not only good for you, but a little bit better for the environment, the economy and everything else around it. So, back in the winter my company was downsizing due to the economy and I was laid off and suddenly found that I had lots of time to pursue training and my idea; to see it through to reality. So here I am today.

Question: Did you complete at the worlds?

Answer: Yes I did. I placed first place in my weight division this year, so it was a big achievement. I’m really excited about it and the icing on the cake was being able to debut the Green Gi at the same time on the podium.

Question: Did you wear the Green Gi for the Competition?

Answer: I spoke to the IBJJF about it. Made sure that all the regulations—that there wasn’t anything they saw that would prevent a competitor from being able to use it and got the thumbs up.

Question: What makes the Green Gi unique?

Answer: I love the Green Gi! I am so excited to be able to share this with everybody. Beyond a really great fit and a great function, it has all sorts of other benefits. Its eco-friendly: it uses rapidly renewable resources, organic products, and recycled materials, so you’re helping a struggling environment. It has economic benefits: I support using American suppliers and manufacturers as much as possible, so we are also supporting fair labor and fair wages to Americans to help them keep their jobs. And just to the person, to the consumer it has awesome benefits: hemp is naturally anti-microbial, so it resists mold and bacteria. No more of that stinky gi, funky gi… it’s good for you and your partners. Hemp is a stronger fiber than traditional materials such as cotton, so that translates into strength and durability in a gi. On top of that, it’s a stronger material, but it also has a much softer cloth; a much softer weave, so it feels better on. You can get that snug fit without feeling like you are rolling in sand paper.

Question: Where can I get a Green Gi?

Answer: You can get it right now. You can sign up for a notification when they are available for sale through my website which is There’s a contact for on there that you just fill out and it gets out notification updates when they’re available. We’re looking at a release within the next six months, something by Christmas time for all of your Jiu Jitsu friends and buddies. Through my website is the best way to contact us.

Question: What sizes are available?

Answer: Well, we carry all of the standard sizes, A0 through A5, but what’s unique to the Green Gi is that in our construction, we’ve developed a way to include extra material in the sleeves and the pant legs, which adds structure to a typical person. I’m an A1, that size works best for me, but lets say I had A2 arms, I would be able to go to a tailor to have the sleeves let out. We can give everybody a gi that fits their body perfectly. No more of these tall guys having to wear oversized gis that they’re swimming in, just because they need to make the regulation on the length of the sleeves.

Adrianne: (demonstrating) this is traditional cut, a fairly traditional single weave. It’s the same weight as cotton. This is an A4 and it’s actually slightly lighter than your typical A4. (switches gis) This is my competition gi. This is our A1 in blue.

Question: What colors will be available?

Answer: Right now we’re looking at a release in black and blue. For our initial release, there will likely be one color. We haven’t determined yet what color that will be, but we guarantee you will love it.

Question: Is it made of hemp?

Answer: My gi is made of hemp and a recycled material blend. The black one is 100% hemp.

Question: Can you smoke it?

Answer: You can’t roll it up, but you can roll in it. You can smoke anything you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

Adrianne: Please, go to my website, this is how I’m tracking interest, sizes and where he market is at. So, please go to my website, sign up for my newsletter, give me your email and I will send you out a notification when they are available for purchase."

Check out the hemp, eco-friendly, American-made gis here at The Green Gi.


slideyfoot said...

That site seems to have been in the 'sign up for news of release' stage for a good while now, but still looks pretty cool.

Money is a bit tight at the mo, but definitely fancy playing with a hemp gi. So, I look forward to your no doubt convincing review. ;)

Georgette said...

The moment I get it, I will start reviewing. Also, planning on getting one or two of Kauai Kimonos' nylon ripstop gis and reviewing them... should be here in a couple weeks! :)