Thursday, November 19, 2009

Need help with slogan for patch!

M'kay folks... fabulous friends, fellow jits fighters, moms, lawyers, death penalty activists, and whoever else is reading this blog...

I would really like some help coming up with a slogan--for a patch, to go on my gi. Shamelessly copying the general concept from Dev (see his posting about his patch here) and want my own now.

Here's Dev's, "Fueled by Fear".... yes, I have a few of his.. nothing like repping for a friend..

So here's some material to work with, but please don't be limited by this..

My academy nickname is Red Menace, which has been translated for me as Ameacinha Vermelha in Br. Portuguese.
I train under Phil Cardella, at Relson Gracie Austin. But prefer not to be solely repping for the school and I have plenty of their patches elsewhere.
I'm a lawyer, a prosecutor specifically.
I bake cookies all the time for the academy.
I can't triangle for $hit.
I wear all those crazy colored gis.
One of my great goals in life is to choke someone till they bleed at the ears. (mostly kidding)
I love the Gracie saying "Pass, mount, choke." Still working on the pass part.

And underneath my phrase whatever it is, I will have (like Dev's) my blog address.

I could stick with the Communist reference and just go with

Red Menace

but do it in a Cyrillic-esque font... that's kind of my default position, absent input from y'all...

Bring it, folks! Help a sister out.

Oh-- edited to add a phenomenal link from Roy Harris... an article about physical attributes in jiu jitsu. Thanks Liam, the Part Time Grappler-- findable at his blog here.


Mark said...

A well-known line from Rudyard Kipling's poem The Female of the Species, 1911:

When the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride,
He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.
But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

“Blood is just red sweat.”
Enson Inoue

"Sankaku Jime, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to choke every mother----er in the room, accept no substitutes." -- modified by me from Jackie Brown :)

Meerkatsu said...

"Flame-haired Mat Diva"

"Red or Tap"

"Judge, Jury and Jiu-jitsucutioner"

"I sentance thee to armbar"

just a few so far...

Dev said...

Thanks for the plug, Georgette! You're so awesome. :)

I really like the Commie reference, not exactly sure how to get there from here...

Jiu Jitsu in Russian is джиу джитсу

I don't know how that would work on a patch, though, aside from looking neato.

I'll keep working on it.

Joseph said...

"The more I sweat in peace, the less I bleed in war"

A.D. McClish said...

I'm really bad about coming up with things like this, but what about something having to do with "Seeing Red". Or maybe you could have a picture of one of those fifties housewives holding up a plate of cookings and have it say "Nighty-Nighty" or something about putting them to sleep underneath it. Haha, wow, I'm really bad at this.

Jason said...


Here are my contributions off the top of my head:

"Blood Choke To Stroke"
"Seeing Red"
"Law and Submission"
"Raging Red Dread"
"Choke by Red"
"Jiu Jitsu Inside"
"See Red Then Black"
"Fully Resisting Female"
"My position is your submission"
"Rock and Roll To Take Control"
"Position Your Submission"

Hope my brainstorm helps.


T said...

Chokes: Making your neck an offer it can't refuse

Get off my back! (Considering that if you put it on the back of your gi, the only time they can read it is when they're sprawled on your back or in side ride)

O.pportunity or Oppress orOverpower
E.ngage or execute

Georgette said...

Wow, I am loving these suggestions!!! Stay tuned, they're giving me ideas...

T, who are you? Comment me with your email address, I won't make it public.


dannymack said...

Instead of Fade to Black; maybe Fade to Red?

T said...

Beware women who PMS:
Pass, Mount, Submit

I hope that's not too sexist.

Brad said...

Will the defendant please tap?

side-bar control

sentenced to tap

I work out at Flex bjj in San Antonio. Nice to see some South Texas people represent BJJ.

I met Phil a few years ago at the first Waco tourny. Very direct person, I enjoyed talking to him.


Mark said...

Cool words with RED in them!


Steve said...

Hey, I commented on your facebook. I think you guys rock for getting custom patches. That's very cool.

In case you missed it on FB, I think "Martial Law" would be very cool.

Georgette said...

I love all the suggestions (and yes, have been noting the ones on facebook, too...) and I'm really excited to get some of these made up... seriously, the people at (specifically Sam, at are wonderful about making one or two patches for a reasonable price... so if you want your own, go for it!

Thanks folks-- keep it coming!