Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sweet new BJJ shirts... and other stuff...

It's nice to see some creativity out there in the usually-sad-soggy-mess that is "stuff marketed to fighters."

Scramble Stuff (found here) carries some nice tshirts... BJJ instructional DVDs.. hard-to-find BJJ mags...

For example, Slideyfoot did a review of one of the DVDs available through Scramble Stuff, Yukinori Sasa's Paraestra Guard here on his well-known blog and although the DVD is in Japanese, I'm pretty sure I could get a lot out of this, so I'm putting it on Santa's list this year.

I already ordered this nifty tshirt:

which I really like because it commemorates another item on my Santa list (leftover from last year)-- a/k/a a sweep. Hmmm... it would be nice to get some sweeps under the tree. *sigh*

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Matt said...

Thank you very much Georgette! They should arrive at my place today or tomorrow, and I'll start shipping soon. Thanks again!