Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Been trainin'...

... but can't remember much of anything. Oh, I can recall the techniques taught, but not too much specifically about the sparring. Two self-defense techniques this morning (edged-weapons defenses) and then double-leg to a reap... but then, the sparring? Bleh, it all melds together in my head. I'm still hunting armbars and sweeps. Not landing many of either but I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun regardless. Oh, and from knees, learned an interesting entry into a calf splicer that had absolutely zero effect on me but tapped out my partner pretty quickly. The joys of fat legs I guess.

Work is nutty busy; I have 3 deadlines in November alone and likely will have to extend two.

Tomorrow, looking forward to lunch with a girlfriend for her birthday... then the kids' kajukenbo class, dinner with hubby at Hut's (2 for 1 burger night.. mmmm) and then going to try out a class at a nearby wing chun school.

OH-- and this weekend, gotta watch the No Gi Worlds.. my buddy Mark from up near Dallas will be competing! So exciting.

Finally-- a peep at Marcelo Garcia (Mark's instructor) v. Shaolin Ribeiro in Abu Dhabi, 2003..


Jason said...

Wow, he is fast! I'm just to big to get to the back as fast as he did.

Anonymous said...

Hey Georgette, It was great working with you Wed. night. I hoped you enjoyed the visit to our school. We are not just a wing chun school as we incorporate many elements from multiple arts into our techniques. Wing chun is the first thing you learn as a white belt. From there you move to Hsing I, Bagua, so on. Anyways sorry I am posting as anonymous, but the web blocker at work wont let me create an account.

Good luck in your martial art endeavours!


Georgette said...

KC-- thanks! Sorry, I didn't know, I thought that the style Sijo teaches was called Ne Wa Ja (Sp?) Wing Chun... now that I look at the school website again, I see its proper spelling *and* that the last two words are Kung Fu. My bad! Anyway thank you so much for training with me, I enjoyed the experience.

Georgette said...

For those interested-- please see my review of the school at