Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Mendes brothers, morotes, and training in general.

Thanks Vidush for pointing me towards these two... they're amazing. Check out the drop seoi nage around 6:26 too...

I'm still training hard, but not quite as hard. Maybe 6-7 hours on a long day, 3 hours on a short one. Still psyched about the competition ahead, oddly enough :) However in tonight's competition class I realized during takedown drills that I was afraid of being crunched or injured. Normally I'm blithely ignorant of those risks, but tonight, I was a chicken. Which meant I tensed up before every shot, grabbed their back (during no-resistance takedowns) and failed to properly breakfall, resulting in me getting quite rattled and sore (and took a nasty hit to my ribs too.) But the positional sparring in the rest of the class was quite fun. Until I decided to (probably rudely) ask my partner to stop telling me what they thought I should do to retain mount (I was working a particular position in mount and they thought I should not work from there.) I hope I didn't come across like a total bitch.. normally I want input and feedback but this time I wanted to work it out for myself. And they weren't in the stfu frame of mind, I guess.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

looks like a cool video. ill have to check it out more thoroughly when i get home. the computers are work have a crappy video card...very choppy.

I also wanted to ask you if you knew anything about how the charity paypal thing was set up for Haydn Clasby. I was hoping to something of the same for a grappler that I train with that was in a really serious car accident over the weekend. I made a post about it HERE.

Georgette said...

I think you can just receive monies through Paypal... to get the money "out" of paypal, you have to connect a bank account to your paypal account, but otherwise I don't think there's any special things you have to go through to do it. You could ask Haydn's people, but when I got some funds from a sponsor, that was how we did it. Worked out fine. I'll repost your stuff on the blog... sorry about your friend!

Liam H Wandi said...

Excellent!! Whatever happened to "no talking on the mat!!"

I'm so chuffed you did that