Saturday, May 01, 2010

The guard of great passingness...

That's me. That was me at lunch open mat yesterday, that was me in class today. Christy gave me some good advice on my own guard pass, but I really need to work on my offensive guard game.

Sorry for the lack of splendidness in my posts lately... I am still training 7 days a week, and really enjoying the non-right-before-a-tournament-ness of it all. But nothing much going on in my head, because I had a deadline for work on Friday that was preempting all my mental energies. Last night was a good break, had some jiu jitsu teammates over for dinner (salad, lasagna, garlic bread, and cake) and watched Royler's takedowns & sweeps DVD together after dinner. We called it jitsporn.

Another reason my head isn't thinking much worth posting-- my head is fully stuffed with snot. Thank you allergies. Worked outside in the garden this morning so maybe that was the cause. Planted a bunch of salvia and still have a standard-trained duranta and a Fire & Ice rose to put into the back yard. Just not feeling like doing much right now. Going to research used cars (I'm leaning towards a 2006 Beetle TDI right now) after making Mitch a sandwich.

Oh and look what he spotted...

On top of my potting bench, next to the canister of bone meal and the windchime whose string broke... yes, it's a watering can. BUT, you can't really see it, there's some twigs in dere... because dere's a nest in dere! :)

Cheep cheep cheep.

Spring's here!

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A.D. McClish said...

Haha, at least the little birds decided to make a nest in your watering can and not inside your chimney! Every year a family of chimney swifts makes a nest in my fireplace. Since I live in Florida and basically have no use for a fireplace, it doesn't bother me. EXCEPT when the babies are learning to fly. Every year they fly into my house, multiple times, and I have to put them back up in their nest. lol