Saturday, May 15, 2010

More dyeing success... and children's gis....

Wanted you to see my friend Dory's successful gi dyeing... there's some strutting around in Florida now! (and note... wow, my 600th post.)

He chose jet black and Chinese red. First try, didn't double the dye amount as the Dharma chart suggests. Then he redyed with the full amount. Looks great, doesn't it?

I think they look great either way frankly.

Then he mentioned his little girl wanting a purple gi, but having a hard time finding 00 or 000 size gis.

Well, here's my solution. For little people, or big people, gis in pink and purple, I can't say enough good things about Mark at Badgerland Jiu Jitsu. Yeah, he's a sponsor, so take it with a grain of salt if you want to be cynical :)

Look at his adorable little girls... Budgie (in pink) is kicking butt and taking names in wrestling these days! He has pink and purple gis in sizes small enough for your tyke, all the way up to NFL linebacker size. That's where I got my pink, my purple, and my green gis.

I am still hoping to dip-dye a gi so I get some color gradation. Just need to make time. Probably after Mundials.

Strikeforce tonight (free! on CBS!) has a great jiu jitsu card, you know... Roger! Jacare! and Shaolin! Woooo!


SkinnyD said...

Heck yeah! I love this trend of dyeing gis. I love the chinese red, that definitely catches your eye. Ever since your last post with instructions on how to dye, I've been planning out my next gi color. I'm thinking Kawasaki green...

Georgette said...

Nice! I have some emerald green and sage green dye that I'm planning on using "one of these days." Probably won't get to it till after Mundials. Please post pics when you do yours!

SkinnyD said...

The sage green is a nice color. For a good Kawa green, I'll probably have to mix some colors. Have you ever tried mixing dyes for a particular hue? The best thing will probably be for me to experiment with the shading on a test fabric before dunking the gi.