Thursday, March 03, 2011

11 submission flow by Erik Paulsen

If you're not reading Christian Graugart's fabulous blog on his round-the-world journey as the BJJ Globetrotter, you're MISSING OUT. His photography is awesome and his generous spirit really shines through. Read this post on teaching kids in Burlacu, Moldova and I dare you to complain, about anything really....

Pre-schedule is up for Pans... here... Thanks Jay in Seattle!

Got this from Stephan Kesting's excellent Beginning BJJ list... some I know, some I have never seen before, some I really doubt will work but I want to try them anyway (hello, Z lock...)

Had a great private this morning with Donald. Talk about drinking from a firehose.. I mean, the pace of the instruction and the order and levels of detail are absolutely appropriate when I was in the moment. But later when I tried to write things down, I realized that I've probably lost two or three whole layers of finesse. And that just sucks. My respect for him increases exponentially when I consider that he's putting his body at my disposal, and encouraging me to do very uncomfortable things to him over and over, all for the purpose of improving my performance. When he gets knee on belly on me, and I'm POSITIVE he's not really giving it to me the way he would in a tournament, I'm still groaning and wishing I could die just a little bit. I try to spare him that, but he insists, and in my daddy-issued desire to please, I end up (I hope!?) really putting him through it.

Then I had some good near-flow rolling with Kirk, one of the coolest purple belts we have.

I've decided, on the advice of one of my trainers, to start upping the intensity of my noon crossfit class. I've plateaued my weightloss already with (ideally) 15 lbs to go for featherweight at Pans. (If I don't make it, no biggie, I'll do Pans as lightweight again, but I'll sure as hell be a feather for Mundials.) So I'm re-dedicating myself to a stricter diet and more focused workouts. My trainer suggested fish instead of chicken/turkey for protein (yay, I love tuna and he said salmon is good too, which is another favorite) and I also include skim milk and nonfat, no sugar added yogurt on occasion as well. I need more bag work, too. Sigh.

have a lovely day, peeps... :)


AJ said...

Man, you are doing such a good job staying at it! You are going to kick some butt! I really doubt anyone you are going to face is training that hard!

Megan said...


Question though...why fish instead of chicken/turkey? I adore fish, and I'm assuming it's for nutrition reasons, but I'm curious.

Unknown said...

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