Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Registered for the Pans!

I registered for the Pans last night. Man, that really puts a smile on my face! Just thinking about the way the crowd vibrates with passion and intensity... ahhhh! Good stuff! Makes me want to hop around and do a dance and pound my fists against the mats.

Anyway, I keep looking at the competitor list on the IBJJF website. It's reminiscent of when I was waiting on bar exam results to come out, and I kept checking that website too. I don't know what I expect to change-- I mean, I'm on the list. I'm not going to fall off. More girls will be added to the list, for sure, since the last day to register is tomorrow. It's not going to make a whitbit of difference if I watch the list like a cat in front of a mousehole... I will fight whoever they tell me to fight and that's that. Right now, 11 girls in my division, so 10 plus me. Anywhere up to 16 girls total is 4 matches to gold. We'll see, I wonder if more than 5 sign up between now and tomorrow midnight.

Now, if I were considering the difference between 10 matches to gold (not uncommon in the bigger divisions, like leve blue belt men) and 3 (not uncommon, say, in pluma or pena purple women) then it would change your strategy-- you'd want a fast finish instead of having grueling points battles-- but the difference for me between 3 and 4 matches total is not great. I either have to win one or two matches to be in the medals.

Had a good workout at lunch even though I was so late to crossfit I might as well not have shown up. While everyone else cooled down and did their ab work, I kept on box jumping and squat jumping and so on.. then did some weightlifting.. And then I curled up with a magazine in the infrared sauna to warm up a bit before heading back to the office. Lunch was a chili-tuna-mango salad with bell peppers and red onions, and some cayenne-roasted lime-sprinkled broccoli and cauliflower. Feelin' sleeeeeepy at the office before competition class tonight, too.



SavageKitsune said...

Purple Adult Feminino Pesado
Gracie Barra Seattle
Angela Hernandez

Hey, there's my teammate!!! :-)

Dev said...

Yay! :)

The Part Time Grappler said...

excellent news

I just had this image of a crazy red head in the corner box-jumping like she's on borrowed time! Good dedication :)

Afrorican said...

Go Get Em!! Sounds like fun times. I'll be rooting for you.