Friday, March 11, 2011

New BJJ app for the iPhone!

Read this article on Liam's blog. He interviews Royler Gracie blackbelt Eddie Kone about the new app about to be released, covering all kinds of exciting techniques for maintaining, attacking from, and defending the mount. Unlike many iPhone BJJ apps, you don't get partway in and then discover additional fees and costs to proceed with the lessons. The techniques are taught in sequence from particular positions so you can map out attacks and counters from each.

There are about 16 techniques, each lesson is around 5 minutes long, and there's additional bonus material at the end.

The app will be released in late March-early April. More info about it is on Eddie's blog here.

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slideyfoot said...

I just rip my DVDs to mp4, chop up the bits I want to study, then put it on my phone. I haven't yet seen the need for the additional cost of an app. However, that's probably because I have a Windows Phone, for which there are hardly any apps anyway. ;)

Georgette said...

That's pretty smart! I wish I had time to do that. And yeah, I have an android too... :)

Afrorican said...

I currently have four BJJ apps on my phone and I love them. Only one updates the content regularly but it's nice to be able to review techs from time to time. I'll try the new one out once its available. I like the comment above though, might try it.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you Georgette for spreading the love.

I usually rip Saulo's dvds onto my ipod touch but it takes me aaages. I have a couple of apps but this one is looking to blow everything out of the waters. It's looking to set the bar pretty high quality wise both from production and content.

I'm very happy that it's gonna be android friendly rather than just for the iPhone.

Georgette said...

Oh really!? android! woot! Can't wait then!