Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back to passing.

I tried to pass Rodney's guard yesterday and couldn't kick out of, clear, over, under, through, between, or around his legs. I was all sweptified and it sucked.

I really need to work on my passing game.

Before I head to the gym, check out more Sam Sparks wondrousness.


Marie said...

I love both parts of this. The lawyer in me loves judicial benchslaps, and the white belt in me loves that I am not alone in my guard passing troubles, abet on a slightly different level, true. :)

Georgette said...

Hi Marie, and welcome! Ooh, another lawyer-bjj-chick! Happy to make your acquaintance... where do you train, for how long, what kind of law do you practice, etc? Feel free to email me if this is too public a forum :)

ApG said...

A simple yet super effective standing guard pass I have been using as of late. It's a variation of the bull fighter pass but one hand is on the hip and the other is on the knee. Here's an example.
I hope this post is helpful!

Anonymous said...

heygeorgette, mike d here. How about a good recipe for sloppy joes, I love them.

Georgette said...

Thanks ApG! I will check that out tonight-- I appreciate it :)

Mike-- I got you covered. Next post!

Marie said...

Sorry, didn't make it back yesterday. I train in sunny Massachusetts, at Brazilian Top Team Boston. Been there for about 8 months now, although I did some vague "grappling" in my American Kenpo school (where I am a brown belt. Yes, I am double fisting my martial arts.) Just did my first tournament at the Boston Open, where I was 1-1, but my loss was a lovely exemplar of futile guard passing. :)

I'm...complicated...legally - own my own practice part time doing corporate/securities/start up business law and am a legal auditor for a consulting company the rest. Gotten love the great legal depression of 2008ish - ??? But, purely transactional.