Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom BJJ gi?

Any experience with custom gis y'all want to share?

So far I've heard of two companies:  Fushida and Killer Bee.  Looking for input for a friend.

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MWS said...

I got a Fushida Mantis a few weeks back. Very pleased with their with their customer service. As your friend probably knows they ask for exact measurements and then recommended a size. This appealed to me because I'm tall, thin guy and my Gameness sleeves and pants are pretty short on me, but baggy everywhere else. After all the measuring, the Fushida pants fit perfectly, the sleeves are long enough, but the body of the jacket is pretty baggy on me. Oh well. The fabric is super sturdy and I expect it to last for years and years of heavy training. The customer service rep I worked with was very prompt and helpful and things seemed to ship (from Canada to the US) reasonably quickly. Anything else your friend might like to know?