Tuesday, September 06, 2011

BJJ in Moldova-- a documentary

Thank you everyone who helped donate gis, equipment and money to the BJJ in Moldova program, and an especially big thank-you to Christian Graugart for making their needs apparent to the international BJJ community, and to Bobby McMasters (and his wife!) for all their time and effort.

Here's the documentary Bobby shot-- check it out! I was really moved. Bobby obviously went to great extremes to get the donated gis all the way out to Burlacu. This video makes it very clear the obstacles these guys in Burlacu face.

If there was a way to get some mats to these guys, I'd do it.


Anonymous said...

Motivating watching those guys train. Reminds me to grow up when I complain about getting off my nice couch and turning off my 52inch flat screen and driving the whole mile to my nice academy. Thanks for posting. On a side note funny how all of us in BJJ share this thing for McDonalds,like they show in the clip.

Bobby and Amanda said...

haha... Actually, only 3 kids had ever been to McD's before. And for 2 of them, it's because I took them there before they had baseball camp a few years back. Gotta rep the USA somehow, right?