Saturday, January 09, 2010

Can I make these "my" series?

Sometimes I wonder if my instructor is watching us more closely than we imagine, or at least watching me... then again, I'm probably following a very similar path along with 500 other lemmings like myself, so his prediction as to what *I* need is much like what we all need... anyway, I asked myself at the end of lunch class today whether I could make these two series into "mine" because they are so like what I am already trying to do, except they're more professionally packaged and linked together.

I totally forgot to think about most of what I wanted to think about when I got to open mat. I went with my buddy Juan, who's probably got 100 lbs on me. He's super kind about it, but still. At least I remembered gripfighting and hip movement. I think someone should make a gi with a clear pocket on the forearm so you can put notes in there to remind yourself.

Reef tank is coming along well... the black grids on the side walls/front wall are called "frag racks" and you hold "frags" or coral fragments there until you find a good place for them. (Then you use underwater epoxy to glue them to the rock, and assuming they're happy with those conditions, they'll grow into place quite beautifully!) It will take this tank about a year, 18 months or so to really show in full glory.

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A.D. McClish said...

Wow! I am so jealous of your tank!! It's going to be so pretty!