Sunday, January 31, 2010

Found a new blog...

Megan blogs about her jits journey... and look, another salsera! Just had a conversation tonight (while watching the laughableness that was Strikeforce) with two of the three new girls at my academy (YES! new girls! wooo!) and I was explaining how salsa and jits are so alike.

Anyway-- check out Megan's blog Tangled Triangle where she explains some of the connections for her between dance and grappling. Cool stuff.

On the Strikeforce front (no spoilers) I'll just say I thought two fights were genuinely entertaining and fun to watch.


Savanna said...

yay for new girls! It was really great talking with you at third base. It was all super encouraging for the both of us! See you in class. (by the way I'm working on a few more girls - the female population may see a growth spurt soon!)

Conor said...

I'm not a girl, but I noticed that you were a TX BJJ'er as well. I just wanted to say hi, and tell you that I like your blog.

Perhaps I'll see ya at the next F2W or NAGA tourneys.