Monday, January 04, 2010

Thoughts while I'm not training today...

I am really enjoying the Beneville/Cartmell book (Passing the Guard, Vol 1, 2d ed.) which I received for Christmas (Thanks Uncle Art & Aunt Linda!) I just wish I could be reading it on the side of the mats, and intersperse each technique with actually doing it. I feel like a lot of the techniques (ahem: in the first 52 pages, of this awesomely-detailed 300+ page tome) are already present to some extent in my game. However I am quite sure they're not tied together tightly or implemented smoothly and with good timing.

And yes, you read that right-- I didn't train today. It sucks, but morning class didn't happen, and I decided to go to crossfit at lunch instead of the academy. Now my shoulders are quite unhappy with me (lots of handstands against the wall and pushups on the Swiss ball). I didn't go to the night class either... but tomorrow is a 3fer, yay. So I thought I'd turn my antsiness to some productive use.

There's a Girls in Gis get together in Dallas on Sunday January 17th and if I can get up there and back, I'll go. Which means I have a bunch of new gals to roll with, so it would be nice to have some sort of organized game plan. Just like how I think a tournament should be (but isn't)-- a relaxed and fun test of one's game against others, without the stress and anxiety of "repping well" or whatever.

I started this big complicated chart of my top 5 moves from each position, but when I started filling it out, I realized it was silly. If you roll with Scott you can be damn sure you'll be triangled. Leila, armbarred. With me, I will try to choke you. There's no real pattern to the chokes; in the meantime, you have an excellent chance of sweeping me, and my takedowns are for scheisse. But don't let me near your neck.

Fun video, saw it on BJJ Norcal's blog here.


Liam H Wandi said...

Girls in Gis sounds like an excellent thing! Enjoy it if you'r gonna go!

I learnt an MMA strategy ages ago from one of our excellent brown belts (showed this to me when he was a blue belt and I never saw him deviate from it!): The best teaching method for passing is...getting swept! The way he explained is that it's like learning finger placement for a chord on the guitar: i.e. it's a self correcting mechanism.

Stand in their guard, negate their grips and start your control sequence (feet, then hips, then upper body) while all the time giving them pressure. Pressure pressure pressure. Use your weight to make them work.

You'll get swept endlessly in the first month or so, then less, then less and by 4th month, you'll be so stable on top, you will start seeing passing opportunities you never saw before. This sounds a bit sci-fi but it'l look like they'r moving in slow motion :)

Let's know how it goes :)

jo said...

Ohhh... If you want to carpool to Girls in Gi's I am willing to split gas costs and be entertaining or something in the car. :) Let me know!