Monday, August 16, 2010

Catching up...

Friday morning, we had a very small group- 4 of us. Two purples and two blues. I got some one-on-one time with Tommy, the purple who tapped out cancer, and learned a sneaky little leg reap you do from sitting guard which was nice. Also spent a few minutes working on my open guard- why overhooking during a knee-through was less effective than hipping out and getting the other knee across their torso.

Rolled with Max and his %&*$#@! deep half guard. That sucked. But I did pass his non-DHG half guard, got a solid tight side control, and almost armbarred him.. and then he showed me two counters to the hitchhiker escape (Gable-grip, elbow to chest, break grips and then either lean towards feet or grab meat of thumb and hold facing up.) He also showed me a variation on attacking the back (which can start when you only have one hook in, or any time you have double grips on one arm, and ends in a quirky armbar. Sweet.)

Saturday class was good-- a variety of transitional movements from side to mount, S mount, and another interesting unconventional (for us) armbar. Then, hubs and I went to San Antonio for a salsa event and I actually got out on the floor and danced. Several songs even. Loved getting to see my girlfriend Magna who was performing wonderfully that night... and after, hubs and I went to a Denny's where I actually had quality foodies.

Sunday was training with Josh, our 3 str brown at the San Antonio facility, and then Girls in Gis. I'll post a full review of Girls in Gis with pictures and everything on in the next few days and I promise to link to it from here :) Josh taught me a nice guard pull/sweep combo which I try to use, despite Phil's obstreperousness, and some thoughts on sweeping from open guard which proved very useful. I had a great time at the GiG thing, rolled with some cool blues and a teenager from our East Texas affiliate who was so enthusiastic and fun to play with.

Then this morning I was pretty much solid with Phil. He taught me a variation on the pendulum sweep from guard, and the Delicious sweep (a reversal from bottom side control) which I plan on utilizing asap.. I passed his guard at least twice but it was like climbing Everest while carrying the Sherpas. Had one or two nifty moments, including an armbar I fought like hell to get and a triangle-armbar that I let go of, obliviously, at the same moment he was tapping the mat. Woot! I didn't even count all his subs on me.

Now I'm playing catchup at work... too many deadlines!

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