Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stacked up and backed up...

Too much on my plate right now. I have ridiculous numbers of deadlines at work, which have to take first priority. Things are looking up on my husband's job-seeking front (can't say more just yet but looks like good news!) Training's going super well though I still have something going on in my right shoulder/neck. My girlfriend Ali is coming in town this Saturday so it will be good to see her (but I need to fold all that laundry and tidy up a bit!)

And as for this blog, I have had several things on the back burner for a while. Some great results from friends who are dyeing gis and getting airbrushed works of art-- wanted to post those pictures. Photos and a report from Girls in Gis, which I need to write up for Texas MMA. An interview with and article about Aihui Xu, China's first female blue belt in BJJ, for Submission Control. And of course I want to design my entries for Seymour's "Project Runway" gi competition... though I am no artist! (I know an artist or two, maybe I'll get some help or at least the loan of some crayons. I'm old skool, none of this Photoshop/Illustrator stuff.)

And then there's my new crush on Ronda Rousey, judoka.

Last, check this out-- Home Depot has a program for Olympians like Ronda, where they get paid a full time salary but only work parttime, so they can continue training... at the end is a link you should click on which gives $1 per click to the program.

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Family Mat-ters said...

Hope the job panned out for your husband. Tom has been out for 16 months but it's looking like that will change very soon as well. (Jen)