Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girls in Gis this weekend... and judo last night...

Yesterday we had a sudden thunderstorm for about 30 minutes in the middle of the afternoon; of course, the sun came back out and just baked the moisture back up into the air. Blech. (And I had to run out to the roof of the parking garage where I'd left my car windows cracked-- good thing I thought of it, there was a good bit of rain coming in.) So class last night was incredibly hot, steamy and sticky.

My judo buddy Spencer met me there and let me toss him around for feedback. Yet another variation on the seoi nage, more work on the inner foot reap thingamabob and the osoto gari. After about 45 minutes of this he was cooked, pooped and hungry so I took him to his house then came back for punishment. Rolled with new blue and really tried to be fluid, do stuff from the wrong (retarded) side, let up on the pressure when she did the "right" thing, and so on. Again I have lots more sympathy for you bigger guys on my roster.. and yet I can also see why you go with me, too, because I did appreciate the extra sweeps I started seeing here and there (because I knew I could loft her, I suppose.)

Then I went nogi with Jason and we were slip-slidin' around through puddles of sweat standing on the mats.. it was kinda gross. Picture a TV ad for Slip 'n Slide, with the kids bellydown in the yard, sprays of water erupting on both sides as they hurtle down the stripe? That was pretty much me. I also had him in an arm triangle from top half, then I passed and tried to finish but just couldn't get the right angle. I did stay active and aggressive, really working that shoulder pressure, but my nogi is already weak plus the absence of any kind of grip for more than .5 second meant I was just sucking. So damn hot and still and humid, too... my gi pants were literally dripping when I sat down for a breather!

This morning I was all excited to take Max's class but another guy, a brown belt, taught instead, and I was bummed if only because it was super-basics grip breaks, whereas Max always shows a new approach to things and I know he'll move back to LA one of these weeks, so I want to soak up as much as I can right now. I did get in some grip break drilling with Doug, and then a roll with Phil. He caught me doing something stupid from top halfguard and snagged my trailing arm behind me-- I felt like a whitebelt. But then I passed his guard like ... like I can't think of how well it worked-- eventually got him all kinds of tight in side with potential for either armbar-- set it up and dropped it in, but wasn't keeping him from stacking me, so I ended up tapping to protect my neck. He complimented my halfguard pass which was also happy-making. Yay me :)

Training tonight. This weekend, Ian moves back to Singapore, so I am planning something for the guys at the academy to send him off in style. Hopefully we hear back about my husband's job interviews (yesterday and the day before) in the form of an offer on Friday, which would result in general levity and specifically sushi on Friday night. Saturday evening we go to San Antonio for a charity salsa event, then Sunday I have Girls in Gis-- a women only open mat in San Antonio, this time.

I'm super sleepy, might grab a power nap on the couch here.


SkinnyD said...

How often do you cross-train judo, Georgette? Have you seen it add a major benefit to your takedowns in competition?

Our school focuses more on wrestling style takedowns, but I was thinking of training a couple times a month in judo at our sibling academy here.

Su Ling said...

Oh Ian's moving back to South East Asia????

Nice!!! Fang can't wait. He says Ian won't get the choke cause his back will give up first (????? must be some inside joke between the 2 of them).

So wait is he moving back to Malaysia or going to Singapore? O_O

Georgette said...

@Skinny: our competition class has a significant judo portion, plus I have a friend with a brown belt in judo who lets me toss him around and gives critiques at least once a week.

@Su Ling: I thought he was going to Singapore, but that's just a job possibility. He is returning to KL.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Super stuff on the guard passing! Fingers crossed for Mitch's interviews!