Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary... Happy head cold (?!?!)

Celebrated my first anniversary this Sunday-- my husband planned the whole thing. I woke up early Sunday morning feeling miserable with a cold, but forgot my woes for a while looking at my presents. An Ipod Nano in lizard green, a Canon PowerShot Elph camera in steely blue, and Viva la Juicy perfume in hot pink :) (I'll post pictures soon.) Mitch is entirely impossible to shop for, but I did find two things I thought he'd like-- unfortunately both had to be ordered and didn't come in time. He'll be surprised anyway.

After a leisurely morning and a long hot shower, which failed utterly to clear my head, we drove out to the Inn Over Onion Creek in Kyle. Our room was ready, so we dropped off our bags and set out on a short hike to the overlook. Not enough rain to have water in the creek, but it was a nice stroll anyway. I was pooped when we got back, so we chilled out, watched "The Wrestler" (very sad!), and napped. We polished off a bottle of wine while we relaxed.

Dinner was an impressive duck confit with dried cherry salsa, mushroom risotto, and braised collard greens-- all of which was accented by the sparkling shiraz we'd brought along. Could have used a bigger serving of greens. The pound cake with peaches afterwards was a nice touch.

Watched another movie, "Elegy" with Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz (another sad movie! agh!) and eventually fell asleep waiting for the rain to fall.

Now I'm super busy at work getting ready for the Johnson execution. Be back later this week I'm guessing.


Unknown said...

You have a cold? Are you sure its not SWINE FLU?!?!?!?!?!?!

Wm Blaker, printer said...

You guys did it right. We were doing midnight feedings, since our first baby arrived about 8 months after we got married. :-)