Monday, April 20, 2009

The Marcelo seminar...

I rode up to Faixa Preta MMA in Rockwall TX (north of Dallas) on Sunday morning with my friend Will. We gabbed the whole way there (3.5 hours) and the whole way back and I wasn't bored once. After a little difficulty finding the place (no one told us it was inside a health club, nor that the address numbering was a little screwy) we chowed a fast but yummy lunch at a little Italian place that was bustling with the after-church crowd. (Guarantee you I was the only female there over age 4 wearing hot pink pants.)

Unfortunately, wasn't allowed to tape the seminar. Also unfortunately, the other two guys from my academy (Donald and Dan) couldn't make it, and most unfortunately of all, Marcelo's flight got changed (thanks Travelocity!) and he had to leave at 3:30 instead of after 4pm. However I still feel like the 2.5 hrs of teaching/drilling and 30 min of open mat were worth it (OUCH $100!)-- he's a very good teacher, focuses on helpful details, and makes you think about how every small piece fits into the larger whole. We covered takedown defenses into guillotines, finishing guillotines, and of course, taking the back. I will say Marcelo is a lot bigger in person than I expected-- very muscular and taller than I pictured, too.

Saw a couple girls I've seen at tournaments before. Sue, a purple belt, is a familiar and friendly face. There were also two that I recognized from NAGA nogi last year (didn't have matches against them) but I didn't get a chance to say hi or roll with them. I was quite the earnest note-taker, and I was happy to have Will around. He's a good drilling partner- analytical, precise, and encouraging.

Bummer, I wanted one of his rashies, but they were $45 and long sleeved, so I passed. The t-shirts were cool, but the smallest adult size, a medium, was literally a dress for me, and the biggest kids' size, a 10, was less a babydoll shirt and more a tourniquet that when shrunk in the dryer would become a postage stamp.

Anyway... here's Will and Marcelo. Will was so excited to be in the presence of greatness his hands were all shaky. (Just kiddin' Will!)

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