Friday, April 17, 2009

Have a good weekend....

Yesterday morning's class was cool, got to roll with Shane (I actually double-legged him and picked him UP! yay, and got two subs, too...)

Also rolled with a new guy from Utah named Yager (sp?) and it was going okay, although he has lots of nogi experience so I'm sure he was taking it easy on me, until I rolled backwards over my right foot... the big toe got completely curled underneath itself. Ouch.

Then at the night class, I had a very profitable lesson on Dan's sweep from Dan himself. Then I took a lot of crap from people for making my facebook status something about having swept a purple. I therefore became a target :) I rolled about 40 min with Donald, Royler's new black belt, and of course crowed for victory when he (let me get a) got swept by yours truly. I love rolling with him because he's so gentle, so deceptively relaxed, and so much fun to talk with.

Tomorrow another salsa lesson, a private at the house, and I'll be baking treats for the San Antonio people coming to the academy, as well as for the birthday party in the afternoon.. then class noon to 3, then Dax's first birthday party at 4, then UFC somewhere that night.

Sunday gotta drive up to Dallas for the second day of Marcelo's seminar.

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dannymack said...

Been reading your blog lately and you do a great job. I am moving to San Antonio soon. Are there any schools you would recommend? Keep up the good work.