Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tournament of Champions III

So, Saturday was the TOC III here in Austin. Pretty big for a local grappling tournament, I heard there were 50 schools and over 400 competitors at pre-registration. I didn't compete but I did watch most of it, and lots of peeps from my school competed (and did very well.)

First off, one of my training partners won her division in gi! I was very excited to watch her matches and absolutely tickled to see her win. First match was against a girl who looked both bigger and stronger. I missed her second match but my teammate won by armbar from guard. I have to admit I am relieved she won her tournament because she beats up on me all the time at home and frankly, it's become a bit of an issue for me.

I am not whining about it, but I liked it better when I thought we were 60/40. Now I feel like we're more like 90/10 in her favor.  Good motivation to train hard!

Lots of great matches to watch, great camaraderie, very motivating overall. Got to hang out with some of the girls I've competed against in the past (Hooray Liana for making blue!) and I'm starting to look at NAGA in May as less a burden and more a pleasure.

Ended up watching some MMA at my buddy Anthony's house on Saturday night. Mitch has been an MMA fan longer than I have mainly because until jits, I thought of fights as needless violence. Now I can empathize with the desire to prove yourself. However I still cringe when I see utter beatings like Chris Cyborg vs. Hitomi Akano.

Sunday morning was rainy at first, but cleared up beautifully in time to enjoy a lovely brunch with my coworker and friend Fredericka and her family. Of course I ate way too much, but went to the academy in the afternoon for 4 1/2 hours of rolling, mostly nogi, with Anthony who has always been super encouraging and helpful to me.

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Scott said...

If it bothers you that she's gaining on you then TRAIN HARDER!