Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love jits...

It feeds my need for intellectual challenge, social camaraderie, strenuous physical exertion, and competition. It's mostly guys and the girls who do it are the coolest kinds of girls... not sissies, not high maintenance, very real...

I had a wonderful class this morning, taught by Doug, a purple who sidelines as a standup comic. I'm already an early bird by nature, but it makes it even easier when you're getting up for jits-- and easier still when you get up for FUNNY jits. Plus, we had some whitebelts join us for the first time, and I love seeing new faces at a morning class. And, Jarren made it in-- a new-to-our-school guy who is genuinely kind and goes out of his way to compliment everyone.

What I'm really happy about right now is how I did in the guard passing drills. Whether I was on top or bottom, I felt like I had an adequate toolbox for the task, I was transitioning well, I was moving without thinking too much, but I was using my mind and analysing and selecting techniques, not just moving randomly. I am starting to become more comfortable with my guard retention, especially using open guard/spider/Dan's guard... I'm working on my sweeps, and I'm seeing more armbars and triangles than I used to, not that I'm actually executing but that will come I hope. All in all, I was a happy chicklet this morning.

Last, thanks Ely for the grand idea-- when I tiedye my gi, I need a big "Keep Austin Weird" patch for the back! :)

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