Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sloooooooow progress.

One thing that's funny about me is that I often talk while I'm rolling. Not the whole time-- but if I think of something funny, I'll say it.

(There's other funny stuff too, like last night while I was rolling with Anthony, I think I did a good solid two minutes without opening my eyes.  But anyways.)

One of the most common things I think (and say) while I'm rolling is "So the last 5 minutes didn't just happen" ... this always comes after one of my epic battles to pass guard which is successful for about 3 seconds, until they regain guard and massive deja vu sweeps over me. (Or, speaking of sweeps... nah, you get the picture.)

How does this relate to my title? I realized last night that I might be making progress, because the positions that I keep finding myself in are different than the ones I kept getting in a few months ago. When I first started, I kept getting in armbars from guard, triangles from guard, guillotines from guard. For a while it was kimuras from guard.

Now, it's passing scissor guard... escaping technical mount when they're sitting on your hip with their heel dug into your stomach (I know some escapes, but I'm not doing them fast enough to avoid Fretson chokes and Americana/armbar threats)...

If nothing else at least I'm using bigger words and getting into stickier wickets.

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