Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Nice class this morning, with a handful of purples instructing. Sweeps from halfguard, taking the back from turtle, and beating "half guard from the back"... positional sparring with Rebecca again which was amazing (I'm 30% heavier than she is and probably 2-3" taller, but couldn't get in her collar and couldn't isolate an arm. Total empathy with my guy friends now.)

After class all I wanted to do was go back to bed. I was up pretty late last night wrapping presents and only got a few hours sleep, but I am so happy I resisted the temptation and stayed awake. I got a surprising amount done on one project in particular and look forward to getting back to it after the holiday.

Lookie what Santa's been bringing :) (The book, on Slidey's recommendation, was a special request. Thanks Aunt Linda and Uncle Art.)

I will be training tomorrow morning bright and early (and I'm sure I'll be yearning for the pillow just as much afterwards.) Merry Christmas all!

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Anonymous said...

That book is very cool and so are the other two. It really helped me start picking apart some problem spots I was having. It's a great reference material to have if you like having the pictures. Theres some extras at the website too.