Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How do they come up with this stuff?

So my mind is just reeling... how do you people manage to create these moves? to read my posture and reactions and so on with such precision? Several times today I felt like I couldn't escape if I wanted to.. every minute movement on my part was well anticipated and taken advantage of.

Tonight in competition class it was bliss-- no hard cardio is a welcome change, as it was training session #3 for me, and I get tired of being beaten up at competition speed. Instead we discussed some basic principles of escaping side control (a forced choice for the top player of getting swept or giving up the regathering of guard).. then moved on to a new series of sweeps Donald's been working from the "Dan Dau" guard (I call it so because that's who I see play it, but Donald says it's the 93 guard. Aha, another piece of the puzzle.. more to youtube..)

I'm pretty pooped, trained 3x today, so I'm already snuggled in the bed and my eyes are droopy. On Thursday I'm cooking for a friend's NYE party and tomorrow night I have kids' kajukenbo. I need more sleep.


A.D. McClish said...

When you say "trained three times" do you mean 3 regular classes??? You're insane, woman!! And I'm jealous of the insanity!! ;) I wish I could train that much.

Georgette said...

Yup. Certifiable.

Ricky Gamboa said...

3 times in a day!?! wow! it won't be long and you'll be able to anticipate movements also.

Jason said...

How many hours is 3 regular classes? How far apart is each classes? I'm just wondering if I should rank you with Wonder Woman or the Bionic Woman. :)

Georgette said...

OK-- my amazing awesome school offers 3 classes a day most days of the week. 6-8:30am; 12-2pm; 5-8-8:30pm. Saturday and Sunday is only one 3-hour class... Monday and Friday lunch is only open mat; Friday night is only open mat.

And I ain't wonder or bionic. :)