Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feeling much better.

Back on the mats. Done with being sick. Done with interpersonal conflict at the academy. (There was just one person... and I've learned a new way of approaching that situation. Let's hope it works.) ALMOST done with Christmas shopping.

And, Jem's new blog is up... it's in my blogroll now. Jemima is a badass blue belt and muay thai fighter in Bangkok, and her blog, Girls and BJJ in S.E. Asia, looks to be a worthy addition to the happy online community.

Better blog posting this weekend, after NAGA!!!


slideyfoot said...

She's a purple? Oops, I thought she was still blue: I'll change the wording of my post. ;)

Liam H Wandi said...

That's the spirit! Welcome back :)

Georgette said...

Um, I promoted her-- though I bet she deserves a purple, she's still blue! :)

slideyfoot said...

Ha - fair enough. I'll leave it as "she's been training BJJ over four years," which covers it either way.