Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm a little sleep deprived, having spent last night up late chatting with a friend, wrapping presents, and planning tonight's big dinner... then the night before I had to go into the office quite late (which sounds awful, but really wasn't.. trust me.)

My brother-in-law and his wife and kids etc. were supposed to come in today but they had a gas leak at home and will arrive tomorrow instead. I had a great class this morning, training with Rebecca who's visiting (and hopefully moving here) from Cleveland. She's a 4 stripe blue and TEENY, about 100 lbs, and now I empathize with guys who roll with me. I only have 30 lbs on her at the moment but it felt huge. I failed to use this motivation to keep me out of the fudge, alas. Anyway, had 3 good rolls in open mat, narrowly escaping a kneebar from Doug before succumbing to a toehold; Richard swept me at will and basically crushed me in kesa. It was fun though.

I must say I am enjoying the holiday mood... this morning I hardly felt like I was at work. I got to do a few things I hardly ever get to do any more and so lost myself in my projects that I didn't look at the clock once till it was almost time to leave.

Tonight was supposed to be a big family dinner (big in the sense that I bought a damn ribeye roast for it-- to the tune of a pair of shoes-- because I didn't want to have some cheap piece of beef and worry that it would be tough or dry..) but even just me, hubby and his parents was fun. Garlic mashpots... roasted green beans with shallots in a honey/balsamic/thyme glaze... spinach salad with apples, dried cranberries and feta...

Look at the garlic and rosemary stuffed in this roast... mmmm...

And orange-walnut butter cookies for dessert. Yum. They're a little oddly shaped because I am inept when it comes to rolling and cutting out cookies, so I just made the dough into a log (irregularly round) and sliced it.

I found this little lyric by Gina over on a cool blog called The Jiu-Jitsu Fighter.

On the twelfth day of Jiu-Jitsu,
My Sensei gave to me
Twelve chokes choking,
Eleven toe holds holding,
Ten arms a-barring,
Nine legs locking,
Eight toes a-breaking,
Seven joints a-aching,
Six mats a-burning,
Five guard passes,
Four shrimps across,
Three dragon walks,
Two monkey boys,
And a butterfly I can't break free!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday spirit as well.


Andrew (MMAsub) said...

Damn Georgette that roast looks SOOOOO amazing! I wish I had that plate right now! and I give you 2 thumbs up in terms of your choice of sides and salads!

I think I met rebecca today, not sure if it was her though. I'm always happy to see more ladies joining our school, as rolling with us guys makes you tough, but those rolling with the other women gets you prepped for competition better! Have a great xmas!

leslie said...

Rolling with people littler than me freaks me out, after rolling with the much bigger guys all the time. I keep thinking I'm going to crush them, which is probably what new guys think when they roll with me, lol.

A.D. McClish said...

Oh my gosh! This blog looks delicious! I'm going to go stuff my face with cookies now. ;) Merry Christmas!