Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back on the mats.

LOL. The closer it got to 5 o'clock the antsier I got. Although I felt like a fat cow, the way I've been eating since NAGA, I was missing the physical and mental challenge. Rhalan's visit was just an excuse. I grumbled my way through the warmup, although I did enjoy the run-stop and gripfight-run exercise. Some useful principles for passing halfguard that I hadn't thought about before, and then open mat. Shama's busting her hump getting back to her fighting weight for Mundials, so we had a few vigorous matches (all of which ended in me tapping of course.)

I did immediately notice a difference in my approach to her compared to me pre-NAGA. I think the "killer instinct" I was lacking last Saturday was back, because I didn't treat her with kid gloves the way I usually do when she's prepping for a tournament. I felt like my standup game was much more aggressive, and I even caught myself shamelessly kneeling on her fingers while I passed her guard (or attempted to.) Before you think I'm just a hussy who cares not for the safety of her training partners, I'll say that in the past I was a less-than-adequate uke for Shama because I was so afraid of accidentally hurting her, so this adjustment in intensity isn't a bad thing.

Back to the eating thing... when I was younger, I could eat whatever I wanted, in whatever quantities, and not feel any ill effects. Now, I think I'm getting used to eating healthily. The extra salt and fat of the last couple days of indulgence are making me feel tummy-rumbly and puffy. Talk about retaining water, holy heck! Sorry if that's too much information. Anyway, I'm back on the healthy agenda starting tomorrow morning, homemade meatloaf, lasagna, and cheesy potatoes or not!

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