Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday of balance.

Went to breakfast with Mitch (and ate healthy food: oatmeal with almonds and blueberries)and then cruised through Home Depot and found some great plants for the garden. Some foxgloves, a daylily, a standard (tree-trained) gardenia for a big pot I need to fill... calibrachoa in red, yellow and peach... a container tomato plant and some globe basil, and several salvia, bachelor's buttons, white vinca and pink verbena. Hoping to get that in the ground this afternoon/evening.

Then I went to jits, relearned a series of collar chokes from guard while paired up with a nice guy named Jeremy, and then got to roll with a blue named Steve who's recently back in training after a two-year layoff. He's a cop and we have some mutual acquaintances so I enjoyed talking after the roll too.

Got distracted with a little visit to DSW on the way home, hit the HEB for ingredients to make turtle brownies, and got totally rained on getting stuff into the trunk. Made a batch of brownies for the UFC party Mitch and I attended (hosted by one of his jits training partners, a nice guy named Rob who lives in a palatial place overlooking the lake.) UFC was fun and I was happy to see Matt Hughes and Lyoto Machida win their fights.

Feeling some chest congestion this morning, so I'm not going to class. I'll dig in the yard, have dim sum around noon, and hopefully catch the new Terminator movie this afternoon. Alas, gotta work tomorrow. *sigh*


BJJ CailĂ­n said...

DSW is a cruel, cruel place...or complete awesomeness. Depends how you look at it, lol! ;)

Get any cute shoes?

Georgette said...

Oh my yes. All 4 pairs heels... some gladiator-looking wedges.. some taupe snakeskin stilettos... some really stripper-looking platforms that I probably won't ever wear, but they were on clearance! and another pair of sandals.

DSW is always black or white for me... I either go and find nothing, or find too much.