Monday, May 04, 2009


Too much going on for my little brain. Got an evidentiary hearing next Tues/Wed in Dallas (another MR hearing, on Bobby Wayne Harris. *sigh*) so that's keeping me busy at work. Also trying to catch up on blogging all the techniques that are laying around on my desk for the school blog; typing up notes from Zade's private with Donald to email to him; catching up with all the footage I owe people is also a pain in the A$$. Not their fault, mine, for letting it pile up. Also can't slack on the workouts this week.

On the happy-happy-joy-joy side, I am easily within the weight limit for lightweight this weekend at NAGA. Nothing like depriving oneself of the necessities of life for a week-- such as chocolate chip banana bread, cookies, pasta, cheese and crackers, nachos, enchiladas, pizza, and the like-- to lose ten pounds in 5 days. Don't get me wrong-- I love lean chicken breast, broccoli, spinach, and skim milk. I'm sure I will continue to love it. But I am looking forward to my first two apres-NAGA meals-- breakfast with family Sunday morning at Le Peep (say hello, Belgian waffle and sausage!) and then dinner with hubby Sunday night at Brick Oven (yum, pasta and Italian cream cake!)

One other happy thing: lots of psychology talks with jits people I respect, and my attitude towards NAGA has greatly improved. I'm actually excited to go-- trot out the emerald gi which needs patches sewn on... hang out with old friends Kent and Amie... interview and film some people for the great new womens' grappling website, AthenaMedusa...

Another very happy thing: our guys all kicked butt this past weekend at MMA events. Fearless leader Phil armbarred his opponent in 47 seconds in a pro fight up in Lubbock; Aaron and Jolly beat their opponents up pretty bad to win their amateur debuts in San Antonio. And I got to know two new guys at the academy better, discovering that Lance and Daniel are way cool.

A good weekend was had by all.

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